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You are what you believe

How have you created your current self?

Do you believe you can create a new version of yourself?

Our brain creates 60.000 thoughts a day. This means an adult in their midlife has been exposed to more or less a billion thoughts since they were born. 

People have been inheriting many thoughts from their parents, from people they are spending their time with, from books, from school. They also generate many thoughts by themselves throughout their lives. Under this immense exposure, some thoughts unintentionally get selected to be repeated over and over again. As a consequence of this repetition, beliefs are created and beliefs are the strongest forms of thoughts. Our beliefs create our identity, attitude, and behavior. 

We tend not to question our beliefs as they are so strong and have already become part of our identity. Questioning beliefs is questioning identity. We do not like that. 

Religious beliefs are quite a good example of that. People’s thoughts about their religion are so strong that they have become their beliefs over time. That is the reason why many people do not even consider changing their religion or even questioning any of their religious beliefs.

This same story goes for their identity. People have so many beliefs about themselves. They believe they can do certain things in life but they also believe they cannot to some others. Some believe they can be rich, some believe they cannot, some believe they can learn a new language, some believe they can be a doctor or a lawyer, some believe they are the victim.

The thing is, if you do not believe that you can be rich, you cannot imagine yourself being rich. You do not even consider being as rich as an option. 

One day though, a magical day, they ask themselves “Is this my destiny, or can I change my beliefs and write my new story in life, my new version?”. This moment is so powerful because they are realizing that they can open themselves to different possibilities. This is the first step to creating your new version of life. Once this question is asked, you are becoming curious and asking so many more questions to let you figure out how can you make that change. 

The big step after that is the thought work, which is cleaning up your brain from the thoughts that are not serving you and replacing them with the ones that will enable your new version. Thought work takes courage to face your beliefs and question them and saying goodbye to some of them. This part requires intentional effort and dedication. Considering how long it took to create your old belief, you can imagine it is going to take committed exercises to overwrite them. This does not mean you need to spend as many years to replace your old belief with the new one but it will require daily practice for some period of time. When you think about the prize that you will get at the end, which is creating the life that you want, the effort you will put in is worth all the effort.

Are you willing to take this exciting journey of creating your new version?

If you are ready to do a thought cleanse and would like to get my help, click on this link to book your free 30-minute introductory coaching session with me.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe will benefit from it.  

Have a great day!   

Ferruh Tumer


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