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Why do you resist transformation?

Are you dissatisfied with your current standard but you also lack the energy to make an effort?

This is a dilemma that many people are facing in their daily lives. Think about how many times a day you are having the thought “When am I going to make a change, or am I?”. It takes a lot of your brain energy and makes you feel discomfort. To top that, it is also affecting your physical wellbeing like tiredness even after minimal activity. 

Our subconscious mind has been wired for over thousands of years to protect us and it has developed so many great skills, called motivational triads, to make us survive very challenging circumstances. One of the important triads is to use minimal energy because there is a risk that we may run out of energy and our life will be in danger. This means avoiding any unnecessary change in our lives. When you think about this great skill in isolation, this is just a magnificent design element to keep us alive. However, in the world that we are living in right now, for many of us at least, we have more food than we need and we have almost no risk of running out of energy. Thus, there is no real threat of extinction. 

The reflection of this piece of information on your daily life is that, you still have that motivational triad craved in your brain. Your choices, actions and attitude are unintentionally affected by that. You are not changing your current job even if it is not the one you want, you are not working on realizing your “crazy” ideas, you are not starting your own business, and so on because of this triad. Basically, any change may sound like a survival risk for your unconscious mind and you are avoiding taking actions. However, you are feeling the discomfort of not doing what you are capable of in return. 

We also have our developed brain called prefrontal cortex, which is helping us to make analytical evaluations, conscious decisions and planning ahead of time. This is the part of our brain that has the capability to overcome our conscious mind. You are using it when you are setting your business targets, making a schedule for the project you are leading at work, inventing a new product. You are able to do those things by using your developed brain. 

However when you set yourself a higher goal, or something you want to achieve that is completely opposite of what you are doing right now, reaction from your subconscious mind will be so strong that it will tell you that you will be in trouble if you chase your challenging goal. 

Do you think this could be the reason you are giving up analyzing?

Do you think this is making you settle with your current standard and stop taking actions towards building your desired future?

There are two important questions to ask:

1- What is the worst thing that can happen if you make that change?

2- Are you going to have your back when that worst-case scenario happens?

Your developed brain will answer those questions for you and you will be ready to make a decision. 

Let me know about your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe they will benefit from.

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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