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Where to begin?

Do you want to change your current results in your life?

Do you know where to begin?

Some of us live our lives on an auto-pilot. What I mean is that we are working at a company or having our businesses and giving all we have mentally and physically to create the best results possible in those areas of our lives but we are losing our connection with our minds and living our lives purposefully. We are pretty much soaked into the daily, weekly, monthly routines of our jobs or businesses. When all of a sudden we ask ourselves if we are living our purpose in our life? we are feeling confused. That is because probably we have not asked that question to ourselves for a long time. 

A client of mine, having a successful corporate career for over two decades, is realizing now that he has not become the person he was aiming to be. Despite his successful career, he is not happy with his relationship with his family. He is feeling disconnected from his wife and kids and this was not his intention at any time. He would like to change that and would like to move on with his career and also improve his relationship with his family. However, he had no idea where to begin.

When you realize that you are not creating the results you want in your life and you feel the need for change, it is crucial to answer that call and act on it. This is one of the most powerful moments in a person’s life. Answering that call, disengaging the autopilot, and taking the control of their lives are priceless. Ignoring that call will only delay your evolution and will always keep you busy in the background. 

But where to begin?

When it comes to changing lives, people are confused because they do not know how to do it and where to start. Should they just start acting differently, or change their country, move to a far place, change their jobs, meet new people?

My answer to that is to create awareness within your mind.

Awareness is the first step towards the change. It is being in the present moment, disconnecting from your past and future, and seeing what is happening to you right at that moment. Listening to your thoughts and understanding your feelings, and identifying what is triggering the need for change. 

Answering the questions below, you begin to create awareness and you are one step closer to your next version.

What are your thoughts and feelings daily? 

What is triggering your need for change?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe they will benefit from.

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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