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Making yourself priority #1

How much time a day are you spending on your own good? 

Where is your place on your priority list? 

You start with all the good intentions of creating a circle for yourself, your loved ones, and your work, to say the least. Do you find that the space you cover in this circle has been getting smaller over time? Do you think that you have ended up in a rut, shuttling between home and work? 

Many people are struggling to create a space for themselves in their life. They have already achieved a good financial status, they have a house and cars, they have a family. However, in order to maintain their current lifestyle, they believe that they need to keep their focus at work and work hard and long hours. When they have any time left from work, they go back home and spend the rest of their mental energy to make people at home happier. It is only at the weekends that they have time to recover physically and mentally just enough to restart the cycle on Monday. They also don’t find any energy to do any physical activity. Being in this situation for a long time creates lots of stress on their body and brain. This stress then affects their mental and physical health. 

People who are caught up with this kind of set up are hardly finding some time for themselves. They cannot create time even when their body is warning them by giving some symptoms. This is not their intention but this is how they could manage their life at their best. However, there is a risk that the circle that they are running could no longer be manageable because their body or their brain would say enough, then they will have to deal with a bigger problem. 

Being #1 on your list means that you have the clarity that you need to be at your best so that you can take care of and support others depending on you, your family, your work. You are being an example for others around you. 

Some of my clients in my coaching program are telling me that they could not find time to do the exercises that I have given them and telling me the excuse that they were busy. What they do not realise is that they are not putting their names at the top of their priority list and delaying their transformation to their next version and their wellbeing. Which is not only going to change their lives but also the people around them. 

I know that is difficult to get out of the circle that you have created because I have been there. 

Put your name at the top of your priority list and respond to the messages that your brain and body is trying to send you. 

What is holding you back? 

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe they will benefit from. 

Have a great day! 

Ferruh Tumer


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