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How to create confidence

What do you believe you need in order to feel confident? 

What would solve your confidence problem forever?

People believe that in order to be confident, they need have more knowledge, more money, more followers, more respect from other people, higher statue or experience.

When you believe that your confidence level depends on your qualities in comparison to other people’s, you will only create a conditional confidence. But the truth is that there will always be a person who has more knowledge, more money, higher status or experience. 

Confidence is to be able to take action from a place of uncertainty. Knowing that you may succeed or fail but you are going to take actions anyway. And being ready to deal with the negative emotions when things will not turn out as you planned. 

There will be times when you will succeed and times when you will miss your target. However, you will know that you are your greatest supporter and you will have your back no matter the results you are going to get.

How does it work practically?

Well, first of all confidence is a feeling and this is super important to know!

We know that our feelings are created by our thoughts and our thoughts are 100% optional.

So when you are thinking the right thought, you can create the feeling you want to create, and thus, confidence.

Most of you have been in the situation when you just got promoted at work and your new higher position in the organization brought along grander and more challenging performance indicators from Day 1. How many of you have looked at their new targets that came along with the promotion and thought on those first few days, weeks, months:

“I am just promoted. I am not sure that I am ready for this.”?

This thought will create the feeling of “weakness” or “insecurity”. Not really the feelings you would like to have in your first 90 days now, are they? They will keep you off from taking actions.

Alternatively, under the same circumstances, you may also think:

“I am just promoted and everything is new to me. I do not know all the ins and outs but I am going to figure out how I will prepare myself for the position and have my back no matter what the result will be”

This is going to create pure feeling of “confidence”. You will start taking actions from that moment and move forward towards your goal.

Your confidence has nothing to do with your knowledge, experience, or any other resource. You just need to be in the right mindset to create that confidence by choosing the right thought for your purpose.

Think about an area in your life that you feel in-confident. 

Do you believe that there is something lacking for you to feel confident? 

Also ask yourself if you can create confidence without having that missing part.

Your thoughts are optional, so is your confidence.

Let me know about your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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