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Getting out of a negative cycle

Do you find yourself believing that the worst-case scenario will happen?

Do you believe that nothing is working in your favor?

We do not always get the results we want in life. Some of you apply to your dream job and get a rejection, some of you get your passport stolen while on vacation, some are laid off, have a car accident, are not given a promotion at work, not get the desired respect from your boss, get a low-performance rate at work, fail to make a profit in their business, are betrayed by their partner. Life is full of surprises. Depending on which situation you are in, you may experience negative emotions. 

People process these situations differently because everybody has a different perspective on what is happening in their lives. 

Some people, when they experience a negative situation, may make it mean that they are the negativity magnet, all bad things happen to them, there is something wrong with them, they are not lucky. The dangerous thing about believing in these negative thoughts is that their brain tricks them into searching for similar events in the past that will reinforce this belief that they have just formed. Having this reinforced belief will then begin to affect their future. First of all, they will find it very difficult to set a goal because they believe something wrong is going to happen and they won’t be able to achieve it. Even if they can set a goal, when it comes to taking action to achieve it, they act hesitantly without confidence so their actions don’t turn out to be effective. They focus on things that will go wrong instead of focusing on how they can make it work. Therefore, it is highly likely that they will not be achieving their goals, which, in the end, will be another proof for their initial belief that they are the negativity magnet, all bad things happen to them, there is something wrong with them, they are not lucky. 

Do you realize what just happened here?

The initial negative belief turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy (more on Self Fulfilling Prophecies in my next blog post). The unfavorable results have actually been created by the people themselves by just focusing on what can go wrong and subconsciously wanting those things to go wrong.

Creating awareness is a big step to get out of this negative cycle. Awareness is helping people to make realistic judgments on what is happening around them. They can disconnect the link between those negative situations and their beliefs. When something negative will happen to them they will be able to see it in isolation and approach it as a one of situation. By doing that, they can acknowledge the situation as it is and they can say, “I am laid off by the company but this is not the end of the world” or “I cannot make a profit in my business but I will understand the reason” instead of “there is something wrong with me” or “all bad things happen to me”. Awareness is observing the situation from a third person’s perspective. That will give the freedom to see things differently. 

The other great thing to know is that our thoughts are creating the results in our lives. When you think constructive thoughts, you will move into a creative state of mind, you will look for solutions to your problems. Even when there is another negative situation, you do not let it to create a negative cycle, you will figure out how to convert it to something positive. When you are thinking constructive thoughts, your focus will be on growth. In order to do that, you need to be very intentional about what you are thinking. 

Evaluate your current results in life, do you see yourself in a negative cycle?

If so, be aware of the cycle first and move onto intentional thinking. 

Choose your thoughts carefully, they will create your results.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe will benefit from it.  

Have a great day!   

Ferruh Tumer


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