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Do you need a coach, a mentor, or a therapist?​

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking forward to improving some areas of your life. It can be your career, relationships, financial status, your goals.  Whatever the improvement area, something needs to be unlocked for you to achieve your goal in life. 

You may have tried your best to achieve that goal without getting any outside support. However, you realise that what you have learned and applied until now, is not helping you anymore to overcome your current obstacles. You feel the need of analysing the situation, need of new knowledge and perspective. You can do all those by yourself, there is a wealth of  information that you can easily access and apply to your life and get the results. That option is still available to you. However, there is also the other way, which is to get professional support and make a solid and sustainable change in your life more quickly and effectively.

When it comes to getting professional support, the question arises; who would be the right person for me to assist me in getting to where I need to go?  The most common options that are available to you are:

A psychotherapist,

A mentor,

A life coach.

However similarly they may be perceived by the general public, a psychotherapist, a mentor, and a life coach cater to different needs and assist their clients in different ways.

Which of the above is the right choice for your specific need?

Here’s what a psychotherapist, a mentor, and a life coach do in a nutshell:

Psychotherapist: When you are not functioning well and cannot maintain your daily life like waking up, sleeping, eating etc. you will most probably need a psychotherapist. They will analyse your past, look for an answer as to why you are in that specific situation. 

Mentor: They are the people who have been through the path that you are taking right now. For example, people who have already built a business from scratch and grown it to a million dollar enterprise may be great mentors to you if you are an entrepreneur starting your first company with a financial revenue target of a million dollars. Their advice for you would be so crucial while they tell you what works and what doesn’t. 

Life coach: When you are functioning but not at your desired level, when you want to achieve your goal but you feel stuck, when you feel like there is something dragging you. When you feel like you can create better results than what you are creating now but you do not now how, a life coach, regardless of area of your life you feel stuck in, will show you how to manage your mind and use it effectively for your desired purpose. 

A life coach will support you to get over yourself and your limitations in life. 

If you find yourself complaining about yourself and your current reality and you are blaming other people, your boss, your business partner, your spouse, or circumstances, you need a life coach. When you are working with a life coach, your focus will be on your future and the person you would like to be. It is an iterative process of overcoming the obstacles that are on the way to your goals.

My advice is that, when you realize that you are not overcoming your blockages by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for professional support. Now that you know more about the kinds of help available to you, just go and get that.

The transformation that you will have will be priceless. 

You are gifted with one life and seeking out all the opportunities to reach your true potential is the best investment you can do for yourself. 

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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