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Burning yourself out with your passion

Do you believe that the only way to escape from burn-out is to do your dream job?

Is that even possible to experience burn-out even you are working on your passion? 

Surprisingly yes. Against all the presumptions, you can reach the point of burn-out even if you are working at your dream job, having your own independent business, or doing a non-profit.

In 2017, Deloitte conducted a burn-out survey with 1.000 full-time employees working in the U.S. market. The results are fascinating. 87% of professionals say they have passion for their current job. However, 77% of the survey group said to have experienced burnout at their current job. What it suggests is that having a passion for their job is not saving them from experiencing burn-out. 

Three main drivers of burn-out were identified as:

1- Lack of support and recognition from leadership, 31%

2- Unrealistic deadlines or results expectations, 30%

3- Consistently working long hours or on weekends, 29%

The subject group of this study was employed by corporate professionals. However, similar situations can occur even when people are having their own businesses which they are passionate about and they are their own bosses. All the drivers above will still be valid even if they are the business owner, except for the first one. It will be due to your employers or customers instead of the leadership from the top management. They will be complaining about their employers’ work capacity and commitment to work or about their customers who are not paying on time or making last-minute changes on their orders. 

Burn-out is always there as a risk whether your job is your passion and you are working for a company or having your own business. If that is the case, then it becomes quite important to allow yourself enough time to understand why those drivers are causing you to burn-out. Because the final goal is to solve this problem for good. An interesting question to ask could be:

In which ways those three drivers are causing the burn-out for you?

Many people, who are getting close to or experiencing burn-out are considering changing their current job in the first place to solve their problems. I can totally understand that and I am not saying if they should or they should not. However more important than making that decision is to analyze and discover what is happening in your life emotionally. You will then find the root cause of the problem and solve it for good instead of eliminating the symptoms. 

Take that circumstance as an opportunity to re-invent yourself and get the most learning out of it. You will get back on the game stronger. 

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe they will benefit from.

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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