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Bothered by other people’s opinion?

Are you worried about other people’s reaction to your change?

Is this the reason why you are not taking action to create your authentic self?

You have a clear goal, you have built the best strategy and you have a bulletproof action plan, but you are not taking action towards achieving it. Believe me, you are not the only one experiencing this. 

There are many reasons behind that like procrastination, your emotional state, lack of resources, external factors out of your control, and so on but worrying about other people’s opinions is one of the key reasons holding you back from taking action. 

This worry becomes more profound when your goal is about changing your behavior and attitude in life, upgrading your personality, breaking your old habits, and creating new ones because your change will be recognizable by people around you. Your friends, colleagues at work, your family will have a reaction to the change that is happening to you. Some people will be happy and appreciate your change and consider that as growth and success but some others will be judgemental and not happy, they would like to have you in their life as you used to be before. 

Let’s say, you used to be a people pleaser and everybody love you but you are not happy. You realize one day that everybody is responsible for their own happiness and you set yourself a goal to make your happiness priority #1 and let others feel however they want to feel. This is a mind-blowing change in a person’s life and it is true.

However, when you set yourself this goal you need to act from it but the people you have been pleasing so far will not be happy to see you acting that way and will react in a negative way.

Before you set this kind of goals for yourself, you already know that you are going to face these negative reactions from the people around you. The problem starts when you make those reactions mean something negative about yourself like “You have done something wrong” or “you do not have integrity in your behaviors” or “You are not a good person” or “You are betraying your friends”. Thinking this way will only degrade your confidence and makes you feel weak. When you feel weak, you give up on your goal and not take action towards that. Eventually, your life will be a result of other people’s opinions.

People will have opinions about you all the time and you will have opinions about other people. The important thing to know is, it is not other people’s opinion about us but it is “what do we make those opinions mean” matters the most. 

Why don’t you make them mean like; 

“you are doing great on the way to your goal and other people’s negative reactions are just proving that” 


let people react however they want to react?

What is a better way for you to think when people are not happy with your change?

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe they will benefit from.

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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