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Are boring tasks turning you off?

How important are your goals?

Are there some boring tasks keeping you off from achieving your goals?

Whether they are the goals at work or for your own business, or personal goals like career, relationships, or money, in order to realize your goals you need to take series of actions with the right strategy. When you assign yourself to achieve a goal you are also assigning for some challenges and difficulties along the way. That is the nature of a goal, it is supposed to be that way, which is helping us to grow and discover new possibilities in life.

One of the challenges that we are facing while we are moving towards achieving our goal is to keep taking action based on our plan. When we make a plan, we are deciding ahead of time on which tasks we are going to work and when they have to be complete. However, what we do not know is whether we are going to be motivated to do that task at the time when we need to do it.

The challenge arises when the time comes to work on that task and we may not feel like doing it. In that situation, our choices would be a) completing the task nonetheless, b) postponing or not doing the task. This is a defining moment for learning how to manage our minds. Right at that moment, our primitive brain will be looking for all the evidence to convince us to choose option b) so that we will have relief and feel relaxed. For the primitive brain option a) is painful.

A simple task like brushing our teeth is a good example. Our goal is to have healthy teeth, the task is brushing our teeth before going to bed every night but we are tired. Our primitive brain will tell us how exhausting the day was, that need to sleep right away, and that we can do it first thing in the morning, and so on, to protect us for our survival and exert minimum energy.

This option of giving up can be quite tempting in many cases but is that the result we want in the end?

Brushing your teeth is a simple example but what we need to realize is that when we start to consider our tasks as optional, achieving our goals also becomes optional. If we really want to achieve our goal, the actions that we need to take to get there cannot be optional.

The prefrontal cortex or developed brain is another part of our brain that is helping us to create our future, make plans, take reasonable decisions. We need our developed brain to take control especially when we set goals for ourselves. When we are working on a boring task towards our goal, the prefrontal cortex, if we let it, will analyze the situation, consider our options and tell us if there is a real survival risk. If we do not give a chance to our prefrontal cortex, our primitive brain will take over and simply try to avoid a boring task.

Which tasks are dragging you away from achieving your goals?

Would you try to approach these tasks differently?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you click below and read my other blog post

“Are Your Goals Driving You to Burn-out or to Growth”.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section below and share this post with people you believe will benefit from it.

Have a great day! 

Ferruh Tumer


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Are boring tasks turning you off? How important are your goals? Are there some boring tasks keeping you off from achieving your …