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Are your goals driving you to burn-out or to growth?

1st of July is the time for a mid-year review. How many goals have you set for his year? For your career? For your relationships? For your well-being? For your financial situation?

How many of these goals seem to be going on track?

Do you feel like your goals are driving you towards a burn-out or do you think your goals are leading you to personal growth?

We humans have the capability to dream and to create a different reality for the future than what existed in the past. In order to achieve that different future we set goals for ourselves. The goal is a set of results that we define to achieve in a certain period of time and with limited resources. 

And goals are the drivers behind a potential burn-out or a rewarding growth.

While it is the famous 5W-1H of what, when, where, who, why and how that helps us set our goals, this article is focusing on the why part of goal setting. Knowing why you want to achieve your goal, understanding the reason behind will give you a great insight about your motivation. There lies a very useful information for you. Because your motivational state is going to define how persistently you are going to take actions towards your goal. 

There are two motivational states that you can be experiencing when you are setting your goal.

  • Motivation from scarcity
  • Motivation from abundance

Setting your goal with a scarcity mindset is living with the expectation that you are going to be a better person when you achieve your goals. You believe you are going to be happier and complete and everything is going to be easier. The nuance here is that at the time of setting your goal, you consciously or unconsciously believe that you are not good enough or less than. The pitfall of setting a goal with a scarcity mindset is that you will not be happier or complete or things will not be easier even when you achieve your goal.

When you set your goals with an abundance mindset, you believe that you already are good enough and complete and setting and achieving a goal is not going to make you a better person but just a newer version of the person that you are. The reason why you are setting a goal will not be to close a gap. You will set your goal because you want to explore new areas in your life, you want to create excitement and fun. 

The actions that you have to take to achieve your goals will completely be the same whether you take actions from scarcity or abundance. But your journey towards your goal will be totally different. While taking action from scarcity may lead to a burnout or a depression, actions taken from a mindset of abundance will bring more energy and empowerment. 

I suggest you revisit your goals and ask yourself these questions;

Why do I want to set this goal?

Do I expect to be a better person when I achieve it?

Your answers will tell you from which mindset you are taking actions and how will your journey be.

Let me know about your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

Have a great day!

Ferruh Tumer


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