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Coaching program that builds an unbreakable mindset
and transforms your work life


Are you not feeling fulfilled and satisfied despite the time, money and energy you have invested in your career?

There are three main reasons for you a corporate leader to feel unfulfilled in your career.

  1. Your job is not matching your skills, your values, or purpose.
  2. There are conflicts of values between you and people or the company.
  3. Your work-life balance is way out that you have no time for yourself or your family.

Whichever causes that dissatisfaction, things do not get better when you think about the issues over and over (overthinking) and end up getting angry and frustrated. It causes you to lose your mental power and reduces the quality of your life.

Re-Ignite is 4-Month coaching program that helps you achieve real transformation, get real results and shift the quality of your work and personal life step by step.

  • You will stop losing your energy on what is not working
  • You will learn to build mental power at work
  • You will learn to use that power to create the life you desire


You are 100% capable of getting unstuck at work and create the life you desire.

That is the truth that you better start believing now.

The work we are doing in Re-Ignite is helping you stop wasting mental power at work. It is when you learn how to save your power, you are able to build an unbreakable mindset and grow bigger than your challenges in life. You reach their true potential without depending on other people or circumstances to align with you. We do it together by digging down into your challenges, work on the root-causes, and find solutions internally.

Internal solutions always work. They let you free from the other people or circumstances around you.

Once you get your power back at work;

  • You start designing your work-life.
  • You clarify your mind about your career, about what you truly want. 
  • You make decisions that were once difficult to make and commit. 
  • You feel empowered to choose to stay in your current job, or quit, or stop working for corporations and move on in your own way…
  • You get to know how to manage your relationships at work, how to set the boundaries, how to be assertive and compassionate at the same time. 
  • You become the leader that inspires.
  • You create the best work-life balance you want and invest your time in what matters to you.


Ferruh was very positive and open. Moreover, solutions he provided were simple and effective. We all already are aware about the answers and causes that stops us from reaching the results - coaching helped me to diagnose the causes and find solutions very fast.
Legal Services, Latvia
I would definitely recommend his coaching program to anybody who would like to expand their horizon in dealing with situations and to become independent of external factors in defining one's own feelings and emotions
Research and Development, Belgium
Ferruh has been immensely helpful in shifting my focus and seeing things from a different perspective at a time when I felt stuck in my personal and professional life. I worked with a life coach and also with a therapist before and Ferruh was the first one to gain my trust to open up and explore possibilities, coaching me to improve the quality of my life. Thank you, Ferruh. I definitely recommend Ferruh's services.
Consulting, Belgium
If you are surrounded by people living at auto-pilot and addicted to it, if you are tired of hearing the same restricted thoughts about how it all works from "know it all" people with their conditioned states of mind, it is very refreshing & stimulating to discuss with Ferruh who helps you in structuring your thoughts and elaborating your ideas about how to reflect those in life! He forces to think outside of known & predictable methods which I find intellectually very interesting!
Automotive, Belgium
It was at times painful to realize all possible roads that lies ahead of me when I was stubbornly insisting on dead ends, accepting that they are the "only" way. By sticking to the program and trusting that I am capable of governing my mind kingdom, I learned to think consciously which lead to many epiphanies at the cross roads of my career. With a simple thought, there were times when I succeeded to change the course of a situation completely and avoided icebergs. I am learning to get to where I want to be and decide on the thoughts, emotions and actions to take me there. The best thing is, Ferruh is always there to guide you through this very strange, amazing journey with great patience. This is your life, do not underestimate your potential to live it as you want to.
Academic Research, USA


Power Coaching Sessions are my offer to you to discover my approach, experience what it is like to work with me as a coach, and get powerful coaching even before you will join RE-IGNITE. 

This is part of my commitment to making the change in corporate leader’s lives by coaching them in a super-connected way.

In two 45 minutes 1:1 confidential coaching sessions, you and I will dive deep, discover why things are not going as you want them to and how to reverse the cycle and create the life you desire.

You will learn why RE-IGNITE is so effective in transforming my clients’ work life and what do I offer in the program.

If you are that busy corporate leader who worked for so many years so hard, burning the candle at both ends and feeling exhausted and stuck at work, it is time for you to meet me at Power Coaching Sessions.

This a free limited offer.

Use the link below now and book your Power Coaching Sessions.