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Coaching for Corporate Managers


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Ferruh Tumer is the founder of Ferruh Tumer Coaching, a coaching firm that helps corporate managers to reach their full potential in their work and private life.

Before devoting his work full time on Ferruh Tumer Coaching, Ferruh Tumer have worked for corporations over 15 years. He has led sustainable profitability programs and supported people development by coaching and mentoring leaders at Toyota Motor Corporation in Europe and Japan for over 12 years.

His coaching clients include:

  • Managers performing in world’s leading automotive companies like Toyota Motor Corporation, Volvo Cars, Robert Bosch…
  • Lead scientists/researchers working at top universities and research institutes like IMEC, Utah University.
  • Leaders in the education, construction, IT, pharmaceutical industries and NGOs.
  • Small and Medium size business enterprise executives. 

Ferruh has created coaching programs Re-Ignite, Transform and Grow that are helping hundreds of corporate managers improve the quality of their lives by showing them how to use their full potential to become better leaders at work and create the private life they want.

He is the author of Intentional Monday Newsletter that is reaching thousands of corporate managers across the globe and supporting them to live each of their valuable weeks aligned with their purpose in life. 

Ferruh loves cars and road trips on which he has done thousands of miles all over the world. He has just got his sailing licence and is looking forward to sailing many nautical miles also in the blue planet. He plays piano which he started at his thirties and already amazed himself by learning to play Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. It was a dream come true!

Ferruh lives in Brussels with his family and keeps on trotting the globe for business and pleasure.

It is not an easy task to stay on your A-Game at your corporate job when;

There is a lack of variety and challenge

There is a conflict with people at work

There are too much pressure and too much stress but too little time for yourself and your family.

It feels like you are stuck in life.

Becoming the leader you aspire to be at your current job.

Finding the best work-life balance; acing your career, acing your relationships.

Quitting your 9-to-5 job and start your own business.

Feeling fulfilled and empowered.

Believing that you can achieve anything you want.

Your desired results are 100% available to you. 

A mindset shift with coaching will help you get the results you want.

All of us are more powerful than we think we are


All of us have the ability to do things better



The first step into your personal transformation:
4-month coaching program where you will learn what is not working at work and why and how to change it regardless of your company, people around you and your job.

In Re-Ignite, we are digging down into the root-causes of your obstacles that are preventing you to create the life you want. We crash those obstacles and open your vision for your new version in life and build it step by step.


Coaching with Ferruh allowed me to work through an issue of deciding whether I really wanted to continue moving and growing in the same industry that I have been in over 25 years. His questioning and wait time allowed me to untangle the mess in my head and to see the possibilities.
Education, USA
It was at times painful to realize all possible roads that lies ahead of me when I was stubbornly insisting on dead ends, accepting that they are the "only" way. By sticking to the program and trusting that I am capable of governing my mind kingdom, I learned to think consciously which lead to many epiphanies at the cross roads of my career. With a simple thought, there were times when I succeeded to change the course of a situation completely and avoided icebergs. I am learning to get to where I want to be and decide on the thoughts, emotions and actions to take me there. The best thing is, Ferruh is always there to guide you through this very strange, amazing journey with great patience. This is your life, do not underestimate your potential to live it as you want to.​
Academic Research, USA


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I share weekly coaching insights on real clients and real problems and how to best approach those problems to help you keep your focus and attention on what really matters to you. Your work week is full of distractions and energy traps. Setting your intention is shifting you from being in the passenger seat of your life and watching how your life is affected externally by others towards getting on the drivers seat of your life and realising your dreams one-by-one.

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Quick-Start Guide to Getting Your Power Back at Work


Free access to Quick-Start Guide
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Having worked for corporations for over 15 years, and experiencing first-hand how dramatic it could be to see yourself:  

Giving all your time, energy, and talents to work. Your evenings, your weekends, your family time  

Frustrated with what is happening at work

Putting yourself at second priority and losing your power

I have been through that tunnel, and I came out incredibly stronger thanks to the tips I compiled for you here. I have no doubt that you can make that change too.

Let’s get started!