Your mind is a tool. Learn how to use it.

Sometimes, life stops going according to the plan.

The majority of us feel stuck in life at least once in a lifetime. We think that we have stopped evolving.

“Welcome to being human”

We start to believe that we are getting the same results over and over again and nothing is really changing despite all our efforts. Once we get on a wave of negative thoughts, we start riding it.

We think there is something wrong with us, we are not good enough.

We think that it is just us and others are doing well.

We find ourselves feeling confused and overwhelmed, unworthy, unlovable, without a purpose…

And if we do not act on making a positive change, we end up giving up on ourselves and waiting for life happen to us.

You’ve got the power. The brain power.

We are equipped with the most complicated yet most capable and powerful device in the world that is your brain, but you were never taught how to use it towards creating a better life for ourselves.

The simple truth is that if you do not manage your mind, then your mind will be managed by your old beliefs and you will keep creating the same results.

I designed my coaching programs in three stages and each stage is formed by an individual 6- week coaching program.

You will have six one-on-one coaching sessions with me.

For clients in Brussels, we can meet face-to-face at my office or clients can choose to have online sessions through Zoom.

Stage-1: RE-IGNITE

My clients get to understand why they are having the problems that are causing pain in their lives. We work on your specific problem and clarify the root-cause.

This is quite important for them to digest because the rest of the coaching work will be built upon that.


Ferruh allowed me to work through an issue of deciding whether I really wanted to continue moving and growing in the same industry that I have been in over 25 years. His questioning and wait time allowed me to untangle the mess in my head and to see the possibilities.

Kimberly, Education, USA

Ferruh was very positive and open. Moreover, solutions he provided were simple and effective. We all already are aware about the answers and causes that stops us from reaching the results - coaching helped me to diagnose the causes and find solutions very fast.

Baiba, Legal Services, Latvia

I would definitely recommend his coaching program to anybody who would like to expand their horizon in dealing with situations and to become independent of external factors in defining one's own feelings and emotions

Anonymous, Research, Belgium

Ferruh has been immensely helpful in shifting my focus and seeing things from a different perspective at a time when I felt stuck in my personal and professional life. I worked with a life coach and also with a therapist before and Ferruh was the first one to gain my trust to open up and explore possibilities, coaching me to improve the quality of my life. Thank you, Ferruh. I definitely recommend Ferruh's services.

Anonymous, Consulting, Belgium

If you are surrounded by people living at auto-pilot and addicted to it, if you are tired of hearing the same restricted thoughts about how it all works from "know it all" people with their conditioned states of mind, it is very refreshing & stimulating to discuss with Ferruh who helps you in structuring your thoughts and elaborating your ideas about how to reflect those in life! He forces to think outside of known & predictable methods which I find intellectually very interesting!

Gökçe, R&D Automotive, Belgium

It was at times painful to realize all possible roads that lies ahead of me when I was stubbornly insisting on dead ends, accepting that they are the "only" way. By sticking to the program and trusting that I am capable of governing my mind kingdom, I learned to think consciously which lead to many epiphanies at the cross roads of my career. With a simple thought, there were times when I succeeded to change the course of a situation completely and avoided icebergs. I am learning to get to where I want to be and decide on the thoughts, emotions and actions to take me there. The best thing is, Ferruh is always there to guide you through this very strange, amazing journey with great patience. This is your life, do not underestimate your potential to live it as you want to.

Anonymous, Academic Research, Turkey


We identify one aspect of your life that you would like to create an amazing improvement. It can be one of the eleven subjects of my concise coaching topics that will essentially cover all areas in your life. Confidence, relationships, defining your purpose, dealing with your past are only few of them.

Stage-3: GROWTH.

At this stage, I help you to develop habits that will enable create sustainable growth towards your vision and purpose in life.

A Free Coaching Session is a great opportunity to discover what will solve your problem or not.

An introductory coaching session is a Free 30-minute coaching call with me and it is confidential. You will bring up the problem that is causing you the pain in your life.

You’ll be asked powerful questions to let you discover more about yourself.

You will picture your current reality in life.

You will focus on your future, explore the life you are dreaming of, the results you would like to achieve.

You will clarify what is holding you back from achieving your intended results in life.

You’ll find out in which ways I can help you to get over the barriers that are blocking you to move forward to your desired future.

Introductory coaching sessions are free and there is no obligation attached to it. It is for both of us to decide if we have a good match and you can get the maximum benefit out of my coaching programs.

Want to Discover
– What is holding you back to move forward in your life
– Great insights about yourself
– How I can help you to create the life you desire

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