Today, I am going to talk about my coaching approach, which is managing your mind for your purpose.

Managing our mind is a tool that we all need to master, to manage our minds. It is a tool that we all need, to create the results that we want. It is a tool that will shift us from being the effect of our lives towards being a cause of it. 

Let me explain how you can manage your mind for your purpose.

There are circumstances in our lives. Our job, our family, an event, our age, our weight, something that a person says… These are the facts and they are neutral unless we have a thought about them. 

Once we think a thought about a circumstance then our body creates a certain emotion or feeling. 

This emotion then drives us to take actions. And those actions eventually create the results in our lives. 

So our current reality, our career, our income, relationship with others, our weight and all, are there as a result of our own thoughts. 

Until few years ago, I was leading the standard corporate life. I believed that I was maximising my life by working long hours and giving all I have. At one point, I realised that I was not really getting the results I wanted in return. With all the education and experience, It was like a racing car spinning wheels up in the air. I was confused and not sure how to move forward. It was when I discovered the model that my life changed and I believe you can create this change too. 

We humans, are gifted with a developed brain. We are able choose the thought we want to think and achieve the results deliberately in our lives. It is a skill we all need to master in order to evolve. 

By choosing your thoughts intentionally, you can change the way you feel and act in a way that is serving your purpose. When you act towards your purpose, your will create the results that are in-line with your purpose.

If you wish to discover more, you can book a free 25 min coaching session with me here, we can have a confidential call one on one and talk about your blocking points in life and solutions.

That is all from me for now. 

Have a great day you all.


Ferruh Tumer