How does it feel to be you?

Do you constantly compare yourself with other people?

Comparing themselves with other people and focusing their “shortcomings” is something that some people have been doing constantly. Especially in a world that we are living now, where people are sharing their lifestyles through social media, this comparison becomes an important issue. Paying too much attention to their shortcomings compared to others, people make it mean that there is something wrong with them. This then may lead to detaching from their authentic selves. 

The shortcomings are mainly identified in an emotional dimension as well as in a materialistic. Some people feel bad because they do not get enough love and attention, some people feel bad because they do not have enough money compared to others.

One of our trait as a human being is to constantly seek for things that are not going well in our lives. Simply our brain is trying to protect us. Therefore by comparing ourselves with other people and find what we are missing compared to them is a quite common way that our brain does its work perfectly. Its intention is great, it will keep us alive but not always in a way that we wanted.

When you focus on extra weight that you have, fewer number of followers, lower income, cheaper car, a lower position at a company compared to others and make it mean something bad about you, is not going to create negative emotions. Feeling negative about yourself is not a constructive way to grow in life and fulfil your potential.

The great mind shift happens when you decide to take control of your brain by engaging with your conscious thinking. Consciously choosing your thoughts is looking at your circumstances and deciding how to interpret them so that they serve for your purpose. You can still have extra weight, fewer number followers on social media, lower income, cheaper car, lower position at a company, compared to others but you can be constructive at the same time by choosing to be a conscious thinker.

If you want to lose wight, earn more money or get promoted you need to feel confident. The way you create this confidence is by making peace with who you are and what you have got, not by focusing on what you do not have. By doing this you are going to resonate with your authentic self which is the crucial step towards growth. It will be easier for you to lose weight if you are already happy with your body now, it will be easier to make more money if you can already be happy with the money you earn, easier to get the promotion if you already motivated with your current position. 

In which ways you are not in line with your current self?

Exercise the idea of accepting yourself as who you are. You will be amazed by how much confidence you are going to create by letting yourself be you.

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Have a great day!   

Ferruh Tumer