Do you sometimes question your abilities? 

Do you wonder if you are not the best fit for your job?

Some of you struggling to fit in their life story at your job. They have been working for that job for already long years but although they are doing a great job, they feel like their qualities are not recognised enough and they feel like they are intentionally excluded from tribe. Some of you start to question their abilities, performance and behaviour. Some of you make it mean there is something wrong with them.

Needles to say, these circumstances are not helping those people to build confidence and feel happy at work. However successful and great achiever they are, they will loose their motivation along the way and step by step their productivity at work will reduce which may also affect their private life. 

Do you remember The Ugly Duckling tale by Hans Christian Andersen?

It is a tale of little bird perceived as the mother duck hatches her eggs. The little bird is called by other birds and animals as an ugly creature. He suffers from verbal and physical abuse from them. He leaves there and finds himself a place to live with wild ducks and geese where he again treated badly. He finds a home with and old women but teased by her cat. He wanders from one place to another until one day he decided to throw himself at a flock of swans and get killed by those beautiful birds than to live a life of ugliness. He is shocked by the swans accepting him and only realise looking at his reflection in the water that he was in fact not an ugly duckling, but a swan all his life. 

Are you an ugly duckling?

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Have a great day!   

Ferruh Tumer