Bachelor of Science
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Master of Science
Ku Leuven, Belgium
Master Lean Coach
Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
Certified Life Coach
The Life Coach School, USA
The Life Coach School The Life Coach School

You are not stuck. It is only temporary.

Do you feel like you are following a pre-set track of life?

You are born, you have a few of years of childhood, you complete your academic studies to eventually join the white-collar club in the corporate world, work until your retirement and save as much as you can to pay the mortgage and summer vacations and simply wait for life to happen to you. 

“I gave this plan my best shot with all my good intentions”.

Worked days and nights to meet the deadlines, went on international assignments, relocated to opposite sides of the world for my job, spent the last decade on business trips 4 out of five days of the week.

It should not come as a surprise that it took me a long while but I finally realized that

I was giving way too much than any return I was getting.

After 15 years of what can be widely accepted as success, my corporate career stopped to make sense to me. Most disappointing of it all, I had not become the person that I wanted to be. It became more and more obvious by the day that I was giving up on myself every single day that I did not remove myself from this pre-set track that I had been following for the most part of my adult life, trying to fit in to the story.

“It was the right time to break the silo, re-program my mind to create the life I wanted”

You probably find yourself asking these questions more often than ever right?

“Who created this reality?"

“Why am I here?”

“Am I ready to take full responsibility for creating the life I want?

After dedicating my 15-year corporate career to operational excellence and industrial development, I had an amazing realisation and I have decided to translate this valuable experience to catch the wave of revolutionising the human element.

So I have decided to put my competencies to good use and contribute to closing a wider gap.

I became a life coach and set my mission to help corporate people who are going through a similar story like mine.

I coach corporate managers to overcome their frustration and exhaustion at work.

My coaching programs help them to get their power back and create more joy and growth at their work and private life. 

The root cause of my clients’ problem is only one thing and that is “a mind not managed with a purpose”.

Managing your mind for your purpose is a skill that we were not taught at school but it is a crucial ingredient that we all need to life our life to its best. 

I teach my clients how to manage their mind for their purpose.

When they learn how to do it, they make a powerful connection with their purpose in life and what is happening outside of them is not affecting them anymore. 

Do you want to discover:

- What is holding you back to move forward in your life?

- Great insights about yourself?

- How I can help you to create the life you desire?

Book your free 30-Minute Introductory Coaching Session with me using the link below. I am looking forward to talking to you.